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Leon Thompson


This is a man driven by an relentless passion for music and to prove it he has written a lot of music for his own label and for major network TV and films. Leon Thompson is a fully qualified dance music composer/producer/engineer and founder of record label Still Standing Records from Sunderland, Great Britain. As well as writing tracks for his own label, he writes for Boom Music which allows him to provide alternative genres of music for use in advertising, broadcast, film and events.  His work has featured all over the world in many countries and in soundtracks to shows on BBC, itv4 and the History Channel such as Pawn Stars and Dallas Cars.  Other worldwide usage includes Australian (APRA) Films, Czech Republic (OSA) General & Broadcasting, Czech Republic (OSA) Online, Finnish (TEOSTO) Films, New Zealand General & Broadcasting, South Korean (KOMCA) Films, South Korean (KOMCA) - Online and USA (ASCAP) Television & Cable.


Leon is a artist seen by many as a pioneer of creating hard hitting syncopated grooves and his sound has been reported by his local radio station to have a common ground and best described as an old school sound.  Leon has twenty nine years experience of musical knowledge and his music has many influences such as The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, all 90's eurodance bands, Jean Michael Jarre and many more.  He likes to write a variety of styles, mixing up genres such as Electronica/Dance, Pop, Drum & Bass, Progressive Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Techno, Rave, Breakbeat, Alternative, Big Beat, Middle Eastern and Dubstep.  

Leon segregates his talents into the soundtrack world with what he writes for his own label. Whenever he's not having family days with his daughter Emily and son Matthew, he is up in the studio working on new music after everyone has gone to bed.  He always works on his own in his studio; he can write music only if he's on his own and no one else is around and he only works through the night because there are no distractions.  


Leon founded his label in 2009 and was setup to release his own material only.  The main reason for this was because he didn't like the pressures and demands that record labels in general gave the artists and he states that he just couldn't work under these conditions but by owning his own label he could work under his own timescale and schedule his own releases in the time he felt was right with zero pressure.  He then gutted out his loft in his house and drew up plans to have his home studio built.  It features two rooms, a control room and a vocal booth which have both been acoustically treated.  


Born in Sunderland, Great Britain, it all began when Leon's mam and dad bought him his first keyboard at a early age which was a (YAMAHA PSS-470) and he started to learn to play tunes by ear. At this time his parents also bought him a computer which was a Atari ST where he started to learn and experiment with using various mod trackers, creating tracks just for fun.  Growing up through the 90's, he realised his passion in life was music and was influenced by many bands. This gave him an ongoing inspiration to write tracks of his own.  

When he left school, he still had a interest in computer technology so he studied computer programming and gained a City & Guilds in 1993.  In 1994, he completed a radio production course at Wear FM - now Sun FM where he helped out on the Keith Laws Dance Shows. After graduating in radio production, he tested his own music in a local night club to gauge its response. As the DJ played Leon’s track, he was overwhelmed at the crowd’s reaction. This gave him the motivation to write more new material.  

In 2005, he gained a HND in Music Production, by this time, Leon had adapted his writing techniques and was more comfortable using industry standard software.  In the last year, just before he graduated, he was recommended to Demolition Records where it was then that Leon broke into the music industry and was asked to put his keyboard wizardry onto a track that they had prepared.  When his Music Production course was complete, his Lecturer said to him, "You know everything about recording and music production - what are your plans now?  Are you going to write books or become a teacher?" He replied: "I'm a musician, I like composing music, academic things doesn't interest me at all, I'm going to start my own label and make some music!".

When he graduated he realized it was harder than he first thought so he started to search for a publisher who might be interested in his work and produced his first demo to Boom Music which featured tracks "Like This", "Pump It Up" and "Xeon".  This led to airplay on the radio and shortly after he got bombarded with radio pluggers who all said they loved his tracks.  As time went on, his publisher got his work used all over the world as listed above.


“Banging track that, hard as nails" – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music.
"Leon Thompson's sound has a old skool sound" - Seb & Liam, Bunker Dance, 107 Spark FM.

Novation Impulse 61
Novation Impulse 61 Controller Keyboard
Behringer Truth 1031A Monitors
Behringer Truth 1031A
Steinberg UR44 Sound Card
Steinberg UR44 Soundcard
Mackie D8B Mixing Desk
Mackie D8B (fully expanded)
Outboard rack gear
Outboard Rack Gear
Mackie HR824 Monitors
Mackie HR824
Novation Supernova II, Korg Triton, Yamaha CS2X Synths
3 Monitor Setup
3 monitor setup
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